Per Milano ENG

Together we could pause on the simplicity of a flower that shines in the light, heralding a fruit, a new adventure, a seed, an invention. We could draw it and perhaps give it a landscape. We could even give it a name. And then it will exist.”1

A small but precious exhibition, in the SPAZIOBAD space, to give a name to everything that comes towards our gaze, to make it exist. The poetry of giving a name to everything that was born free from our language.

The garden as a place of living, a place of manifestation of a poetic dimension, as a home, a place of the sacred, a place of earth and sky, a place of magic, a place of human face, a place of the show of time, a place of coming to light.

A dedication to Milan; not a review of the Garden in the “middle city”, but a reinterpretation and a hope by five authors who look at the relationship between the enclosure/paradise1 of the garden, the shape of the city, and their own perception and feelings.

Gazes: in the images, different times, different eras, different spaces and places. Different experiences, different representations, different emotions and thoughts. Different generations: different years of birth of the different gazes working together, from 1948 to 1987.

But here united beyond time, beyond space.

Thus, together: Giovanni ChiaramonteSimone CasettaLuigi FianoLorenzo MartelliMarcello De Masi.

With modesty, simplicity and musical silence, we look around us and in the smallest apparition, in the most humble existence, humbly we discover beauty: “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars […]3

Marcello De Masi


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