5: A Celebration of the Senses - The Living Movie

"5: A Celebration of the Senses - The Living Movie” takes on an idea that is generally two-dimensional and distant, that of a movie, and makes it come to life among its audience. In this immersive show, dance, cuisine, film, lighting, photography, and performance art converge in a storyline inspired by the cycle of life and lead by music. The result is a dreamlike experience that blurs the line between art and reality, and within the confines of a theater room, takes the audience on a surreal journey summoning the whole of existence.


- Stefano Di Lorenzo (percussion, synth, and artistic direction)
- Joe Fee (bass and percussion)
- Joe Hartmann (guitar)
- J. H. (dancer and actress)
- Presente Infinito (photos)
- John Salutz (lighting)
- Jacquelyn West (singer, songwriter, and actress)
- Tzuan Wu (film)

Performance Dates:
Thursday, August 17 @ 4pm
Friday, August 18 @ 6pm
Saturday, August 19 @ 10pm

Ticket Information:
$20 General Admission
Tickets will only be available for purchase in person half an hour prior to performance. Cash only.

part of FailSafe Festival 2017: failsafefestival.com

Lorenzo Martelli